The Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights is a waste of space and should be abolished

Put in the form of a more confronting question, the debate around the point (if any) of having a “Commission on Human Rights” (CHR) becomes a bit more clear… If the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights were to disappear tomorrow, would there be any significant consequences to the average Filipino? I posed the question several […]

Philippine Economy blah-blah at the start of Year 2013

So the economy is in the limelight again. Hmmmm…. What to say about the Philippine economy… hmmmm. What makes talking about the economy easy is that one need just highlight the same things again — that the Philippine economy is nothing more than an illusion propped up by “commercial activity” brought about by the flow […]

Over-population is not just a problem of poor countries

Think of what it takes to sustain human civilisation at the standards of living we believe that everyone is entitled to. Have we stopped to think what it would mean for a billion Chinese people, say, to have access to a standard of living equivalent to that enjoyed by Western Europe and North America today? […]