Miriam Defensor-Santiago: Our modern day Pilosopo Tasyo

You might encounter the term Pilosopo Tasyo (Philosopher Tasyo) or simply pilosopo in a couple of typical Filipino conversations, and is generally taken to mean “someone who takes things literally in a sarcastic way,” usually thrown at people who can’t help but nitpick on people’s faulty sentence construction for fun. While the word has donned […]

The Filipino people are on trial, not just the Chief Justice

The Filipino people are at a crossroads in their political lives. The impeachment trial of Chief Justice (CJ) Corona will resume on March 12, which gives us time to think how we have gotten to this point. GRP personified benign0 gives us an idea here. Let us recall what has happened in the last two […]

Vitallano Aguirre’s mind will forever be stuck in February 29 2012

Quite a shame that the prosecution team in the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, already beleaguered over the course of the proceedings by a litany of gaffes, episodes of mediocre performance, and instances of unethical behaviour laid bare by one Senator-Judge after another, has to suffer the humiliation of one of […]