How the Philippines’ outsourcing industries can benefit from Paula Jamie Salvosa and Christopher Lao

Following another viral video circus, this time involving Ms Paula Jamie ‘Amalayer’ Salvosa, we find an emerging pattern in the sorts of “scandals” that Filipinos tend to salivate over. A common denominator underlying these is a perverse fascination with the hilarious gaffes Filipinos routinely deliver in their on-going clumsy effort to use the language of […]

‘Amalayer’ girl Paula Jamie Salvosa should have Tagaloged when she Englished

Perhaps Paula Jamie Salvosa, a.k.a. the Amalayer lady had a bad day and navigating the steaming chaos of one of the LRT stations in Manila’s train system is not exactly the best cure for a shitty day. But I can’t help but think back to how the Japanese, in their direst days following that really […]