Liar’s poker #FamousSinungalingLines

Been seeing this hashtag (which literally means “famous lying lines”) on Twitter and even on Facebook lately. How timely! These are days marked by much lying. In politics, specially. But we won’t go into that. Lying in politics, after all, is such a banality. It’s a wonder people still go out and vote. Filipino voters […]

Ai Ai delas Alas celebrity endorser of Vicki Belo product Pussykip!

Ten minutes is all it takes to travel back in time and feel like you’ve been touched for the very first time — like a virgin! That’s according to comedy star Ms Ai Ai delas Alas. It’s just been announced. She’s the new celebrity endorser of Vicki Belo’s new self-esteem-building product, the FermiLift Procedure. FermiLift […]

Cedric likely crooked, Vhong probably the REAL victim, Deniece just plain clueless

I could be wrong about this but I think Vhong Navarro is the real victim here. I mean, have a close look at Deniece Cornejo and her artificially-engineered face. I mean, her nose, lips and even her chin all look done up. Perhaps the police should pay ol’ Vicki Belo a visit and check out […]

Fair skin equals 100 percent ‘sosyal’ screams Belo ad!

The following was captured from an image of one of three ads uploaded to the Belo Men Facebook Page at 6:15pm 01 July 2012 (AEST). The ad images had apparently since been removed from that page. The ad features a fair-skinned Filipino(?) man standing in front of what looks like a white Korean-made economy sedan […]

Miriam Quiambao on homosexuals and transgenders

Poor former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe 1999 First Runner Up). She’s recently been swamped by a deluge of online “feedback” on a quip she made about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in a recent episode of ABS-CBN talk show “The Bottom Line” with TV personality Boy Abunda. According to Quiambao, […]

Jinkee Pacquiao MEGA cover over-photoshopped?

Media giant ABS-CBN “reported” a while back how Jinkee Pacquiao became more beautiful in what comes across more as an infomercial than the work of real journalism, pitching a cocktail of “products” that account for her new look: Smart Lipo to help her lose 20 pounds; Body Tite which is “a body remodelling procedure from […]

You need more than Star Margarine to breed taller Filipino beauty contestants

The 2011 Mutya ng Pilipinas (“Muse or Lady of the Philippines”) pageant which was held Saturday (3rd December) at The Arena in San Juan City was reportedly dominated by “Eurasian and Filipino-American contestants”… British-Filipino Vickie Marie Rushton from Bacolod was crowned the Mutya ng Pilipinas-International while Filipino-American Felicia Baron won the Mutya ng Pilipinas-Tourism title. […]

Inquirer report on Ruffa Gutierrez’s tummy tuck: News or infomercial?

Jinkee Pacquiao gaining her husband Manny’s “loyalty” and Ruffa Gutierrez’s sob story about the lawlaw (loose) skin on her tummy following her pregnancy. It’s a news report written by a certain Alex Y. Vergara for the “Wellness” section of the that comes across like a mashup of celebrity endorsements for a cosmetic surgery product […]