No More Nonsense Films For This Year’s MMFF: Why I Have Some Hope For The Media

Now, most of you have read enough of my work to know that I am often fiercely critical of the Philippine mainstream media. As a matter of fact, just about all of my articles involve bashing them in some way. However now, I begin to see a ray of hope for our local mainstream media […]

Survival Mentality makes Philippine Society Nasty

Recent articles, such as that of our webmaster Benign0, have reminded us how the murders we’ve seen lately have long been part of Philippine society. We have warlords, killings and Filipinos who hate each other just for having different ideas. Philippine society can indeed be nasty, and it has been for a long time. But […]

Why Duterte fans continue to justify his rape joke

RODRIGO DUTERTE’s unorthodox language and idiosyncratic campaign style have skyrocketed his popularity to such mind-blowing proportions. The tough-talking mayor of Davao city recently drew flak for cracking a joke on the 1989 rape-slay of Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill. “She was gang-raped, (the prisoners) had lined up for their turn. But she was so beautiful, the […]

Why do Filipinos find rape jokes so hilarious?

The interesting thing about democracy is that it introduces inconvenient transparency to societies that adopt it as a form of government. In a democracy, the truth comes out in many ways unexpected. In the Philippines which is in the midst of election campaign fever, many such uncomfortable truths are coming out. One of them is […]

Pinoys Really Need To Develop Their Sense Of Humor

Okay, so I finally got to see the video wherein Mayor Duterte of Davao allegedly made fun of the tragic death of Jackie Hamill, the Australian missionary who was raped and killed in a prison back in 1989. I also heard more details of the tragedy and, from watching the video, hearing the man’s later statements and […]

3 Reasons We Should Stop Saying Rape Jokes In Public

Just recently, Davao Mayor and Presidential Candidate Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte received considerable flak from supporters of the other candidates as well as those from his own camp when he made a joke out of an Australian rape victim. Not long ago, as some of you may very well remember, ABS-CBN comedian Vice Ganda also made […]

Some Thoughts Spurred by the LGBT Discussion

Manny Pacquiao stirred a hornet’s nest with what he said, but I’ll not talk about him, as he could have been used as a distraction from the discovery of a certain young lady receiving nearly P6 million annual salary from the SSS. But the issue did inspire some random thoughts and allowed me to resume […]

Get Real Manny Pacquiao And Vice Ganda! You’re BOTH Naked Emperors!

I’m more than a little disappointed that there are still a lot of you who failed or outright refused the point of my previous article. I find it sad that, even when I made it clear what I was talking about, some of you still assumed all kinds of things and insisted that I was […]