Duterte, The Pacifist, and The Just War Tradition

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth a war, is much worse.” — John Stuart Mill President Duterte has been accused of using unnecessary violence, killings, and other atrocities to fight the war against drugs, […]

Habemus Papam, et non ex Philippines

“We have a Pope!…and (he is) not from the Philippines.” Too bad, Cardinal Luis Tagle did not make it, no matter how hard the Filipinos hoped and prayed. After Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, the Filipinos were ecstatic about the possibility of Cardinal Tagle becoming Pope, no thanks to the local media. Ahem, just […]

Viva el Papa: Let us welcome new Pope Francis with modern minds!

My Twitter timeline is all about the Pope nowadays. New pope! New pope! one Twittizen tweeted in tongue-in-cheek frustration. I spied a lot of emo reactions to the sight of the newly anointed Pope Francis (an Argentine) coming out of the Vatican conclave to look down on the cheering multitudes. How “blessed” he looked! Pope […]

‘God must really love the Filipinos’

Nowadays, it seems like the Roman Catholic Church is getting a long-overdue media boost, what with the recent canonisation of new Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod and the elevation to Cardinal of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle by Pope Benedict XVI. Filipinos in their renownedly short attention spans have lapped it all up. Nothing like good […]

Reproductive Healthcare and Religious Despotism

The last time I checked, the Philippines was not subject to Sharia Law. Yet, it sure feels that way with the Catholic Church pushing its weight all over the place to ensure the Reproductive Healthcare Bill gets voted to oblivion by Congress. In fact, for nearly two decades or about 25 million less people in […]

Pedro Calungsod – yet another Filipino saint Filipinos can look to for miracles

I read recently that we have another Filipino saint queued for canonisation by the Roman Catholic officialdom in the Vatican. Blessed Pedro Calungsod is a 17th Century Visayan martyr whose bid to be the second Filipino saint is “now a certainty” by virtue of a papal decree made last week according to an Inquirer.net report. […]