Manila ranks near bottom as Tokyo, London, New York top IESE 2014 ‘smartest cities’ list

According to the IESE Business School website post on the subject, the Cities in Motion Index (ICIM) is basically a ranking of the world’s “smartest” cities along ten dimensions: “governance, public management, urban planning, technology, environment, international outreach, social cohesion, mobility and transportation, human capital, and economy.” The aim of the ICIM initiative is to […]

Facing Manila’s traffic hell: Access to public transport is a right, owning a car is but a privilege

And so here we are, helplessly facing a future of traffic hell as all these road constructions start. To think we all raised a royal tantrum over Dan Brown’s describing Manila as the “gates of hell” in his book Inferno. What have Metro Manila’s residents done to deserve this? Well, quite simply nothing. They did […]