The oxymoron that is the Philippines’ university fraternity community

Suffice to say, everyone recognises that patronage is the single biggest issue that plagues Philippine politics. Nothing moves and nothing gets done unless an initiative is brokered through its movers’ unofficial patronage network. Thus it is quite surprising that a key pillar of the cancer of patronage politics — university fraternities — has enjoyed blanket […]

Emergency powers needed to fix Manila’s traffic catastrophe!

Peace and order is seen to be a priority feature of modern societies that is important enough to warrant drastic measures enshrined in a national Constitution to guarantee that these be maintained. When there is a breakdown of peace and order, the law allows the government to declare a state of emergency and undertake drastic […]

Brods investigating brods: Upsilon Sigma Phi in hot water over near-fatal hazing incident

Finally after many years of fraternity violence (whether it be in hazing or “rumbles”) claiming many young lives and limbs in the Philippines’ universities and colleges, we may potentially be seeing a big fish hauled to court. The venerable Upsilon Sigma Phi (Upsilon) of the University of the Philippines (UP) is currently in hot water […]