Let jeepney drivers go on strike — PERMANENTLY

Filipinos once had the opportunity to be weaned off these clunky poor excuses for public transport. But that was several decades ago. That opportunity has passed. Today, Filipinos need to quit jeepneys cold turkey. It’s time. Jeepneys are an abomination. They encapsulate everything that is wrong with the Filipino — unsafe, mediocre, rehashed from old […]

Key Duterte initiatives lay foundation for sustained economic growth

Continuing to send Filipino workers overseas to seek and sustain employment is a serious misallocation of human capital. Much the same way as wanton mining in the Philippine countryside took a huge toll on the environment and landscape, exporting people leaves deep scars in the Philipines’ social fabric. And so, here is why the OFW […]

Do immigrants steal jobs from their host country’s natives?

The common-sense wisdom is that they do, because they work cheap. Take Silicon Valley. They lead the pack whining about a lack of “programming talent”. Their solution to that “challenge” is to (1) open America’s doors to immigrant “talent” and (2) convince girls that coding is a cool activity to engage in. The hope is […]

On The ‘Palamunin’ (Moocher) Attitude Of Pinoys

“I reckon that if you don’t learn to feed yourself and rely only¬†on others to spoonfeed you, some people will start feeding you crap and you’d be none the wiser!” ~Grimwald’s Gandmother 25 years ago Hi everyone, I’m Thaddeus Morvacle Grimwald and I was once a spoiled brat. There, I admitted it. See, almost thirty […]

Netizen slams PNoy’s views on OFWs in viral ‘open letter’ posted on Facebook

A note posted by Facebook user Lesley Dianne Siojo Cabildo containing “an open letter” to Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III is going viral. The letter accompanied a meme originally posted by Cabildo on the 24th August 2015. The meme (pictured below) quoted the following statement supposedly made by the president: Filipinos leave their […]

Rise of the machines to result in net loss of 5.1 million jobs!

According to a report on the results of a World Economic Forum (WEF) survey conducted across 15 economies that “account for approximately 65 per cent of the world’s total workforce”, robots and artificial intelligence technology will eliminate 7.1 million jobs over the next five years. The new technologies will, however, create 2 million “new positions” […]

Trump and Duterte: The rise of hugely-popular demagogues in America and its Philippine colony

It is hardly surprising that demagogues have come to dominate national Americana politics on both sides of the globe. Funny enough, two such popular demagogues happen to be making waves on the East and West both in bastions of American values — in the United States itself where anti-immigrant Republican candidate Donald Trump is ruling […]

The Need To Shift Towards A Better Agriculture Sector In The Philippines: There Is No Time Like The Present

There shouldn’t be MORE farmers; there should be BETTER farmers. In a production function (in which agriculture is a good illustration), output can only go so high upon a certain increase in labor and capital (yes, even capital accumulation won’t cut it). After some point of increase in labor and/or capital, further increase would no […]