Inquirer writer Jacqueline Arias picks tweets to “prove” Filipinos hate Bongbong Marcos

According to Inquirer Lifestyle writer Jacqueline Arias, people are “not happy” with Isabelle Daza’s latest video in her series “Haters Gonna Hate” posted on Facebook. In her article “Isabelle Daza’s Latest Video Features Sen. Bongbong Marcos, and People Aren’t Happy” published on the “Preen” section of the Inquirer, Arias asserts that Marcos is a generally-reviled […]

Anti Martial Law activists were too slow to act against Marcos’s planned burial at the LNMB

I posted what, in my mind, was a tongue-in-cheek statement about the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr the other day that created a little buzz for a small clique of anti-Marcos advocates on Twitter. One thing I realised is that a lot of so-called “educated” members of Philippine society do not get dry […]

Social media and the dismal state of Filipino activism and political commentary

Sad to say, Philippine “activism” hasn’t progressed much over the last several decades. The “movements” may have moved from the streets onto social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but the quality of the discourse has remained pathetically dismal. The venerable former blogger Dean Jorge Bocobo (DJB, a.k.a. @SagadaSun on Twitter), for example, has taken […]

How Filipinos objectified Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the #APEC2015 summit

Nakakahiya na rin!! First it was the Mexican people’s calling out Filipinos for our baffling beholdenness to the looks of their president Enrique Peña Nieto. Now we get a veiled lecture from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to focus more on what is real rather than on the merely superficial. I can only thank the […]

Should journalists only tweet ‘news’ and refrain from issuing opinions?

According to a certain Twitter user who goes by the handle @MGVtrb (formerly using the user ID “@mgviterbo” (now defunct)), journalists should refrain from tweeting their opinions on Twitter and should only tweet “news”. This was in a tweet she issued today… To reporters who use their accounts to tweet news, please be ethical enough […]

Filipinos’ addiction to shallow TV shows will cause their downfall

Recently, Filipinos have proven that if they work together towards a common goal, they will achieve it sooner rather than later. This was evident in the success of the hashtag #Aldub which is based on the names of the current most popular manufactured love team on television between Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza. […]

Why political debate in the Philippines is dead

Back in 2008 when I was conscripted by Nick Cugtas, then “Editor-not-Chief” of the now-defunct pioneering blog site, Filipino Voices (FV) to contribute to his “wisdom of crowds” project, the Philippine blogosphere was far more dynamic and diverse. Twitter was not yet the in thing back then and, as such, the dumbing-down effect of having […]

Lea Salonga labeled crab by crabby Filipinos

It all started with that tweet by Lea Salonga regarding the day Filipinos supposedly celebrate their Independence Day: Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it? Much like Kate Natividad pointed out earlier, I don’t see what exactly it is […]