VP Leni Robredo’s statements against the Duterte government are treacherous

Is current Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo one of the dumbest politicians in the Philippines today? With her recent actions, it seems like it. Robredo has decided to go on a full head-on collision course against her President Rodrigo Duterte – someone she is supposed to serve as part of her mandate. In a pre-recorded […]

Filipinos’ rotten politics mirror their inability to look FORWARD

Many Filipinos are too caught up with what the Philippines should “never” be or “never” suffer again. It’s become a popular political fashion statement. Trouble is, too few Filipinos could hardly imagine much more think about what their country could be. And this is why the Philippines does not move forward — because Filipinos are […]

A Final Lash Of The Whip As Holy Week Ends

Okay, it’s Easter and it seems the end for Holy Week 2015 for the Philippines. Before this Holy Week ends and we go on with our day to day lives, I’d like to add this short article as final words for our people (specifically the Christians) who will readjust to their regular schedules. After all, […]

Only a massively-popular celebrity can stop a Binay presidency now!

Jejomar Binay ‘should’ not be a presidential candidate in the Philippines. But of course. This, however, is the Philippines. And, yes, Binay is a presidential candidate. Not just a presidential candidate, but the leading candidate. Bizarre as that may seem, that is the reality in the Philippines. The country is a democracy, and vocally “proud” […]

‘Senator’ Antonio Trillanes DEMANDED entry into Tiu property without a proper warrant

Perhaps he should’ve just gotten the “boys” back together, squeezed into their army fatigues, locked n’ loaded, and stormed the Sunchamp Agri-Tourism supposedly owned by Chinese taipan Tony Tiu. Sunchamp is the subject of allegations that it is a “dummy” used as a holding firm for the alleged “ill-gotten wealth” of Vice President Jejomar Binay. […]