Will the US government allow Joseph Scott Pemberton to be imprisoned in the Philippines?

Seriously, if you were the US government, would you allow one of your boys to be imprisoned in a Third World rat hole? Take the average American schmoe. To develop each American into a productive citizen, Uncle Sam forks out more than $23,000 to fund his education through to high school. The average American therefore […]

Laude Camp Demands Money And Visas: Typical ‘Pinoy Justice’

I remember writing an article about the Jeffrey Laude vs. Joseph Scott Pemberton case. I remember expounding on how little we actually understand the concept of justice and how the case is just another example of how Pinoy vindictiveness is confused for “justice”. Unfortunately, here we are, the latest news  about the case says everything we […]

Pemberton Vs. Laude: A Classic Case Of Pinoy Injustice

There has been a mixed reaction to Joseph Scott Pemberton’s confession about assaulting Jeffrey/Jennifer Laude and there are now those who demand that Pemberton be charged with murder and then there are those that state that the marine was simply overwhelmed with anger and that his charges be reduced considerably. I remember writing various articles that deconstruct some of the […]

Bad taste rules: Morbid photos of a dead Jeffrey Laude released by his family!

So the reason Harry Roque, legal counsel for the family of slain Filipino transgender Jeffrey Laude, released photos of the victim’s body to the public is reportedly “to gain public sympathy for the case.” “It’s high time the Filipino people understand the family’s and Suselbeck’s sense of anger,” Roque said. In short, Roque confirms that […]

I am Joseph Scott Pemberton

I am Joseph Scott Pemberton. I’ve been that boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve been in dark alleys, rented rooms, and in the company of strange women. But I was lucky (like you’ve been lucky) that the person who could have harmed either of us just didn’t harm us at that […]

What if US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton was a Filipino-American navy man?

The United States aircraft carrier USS George Washington sailed into Manila for a port call today after two days of exercises with the Philippine Navy. The Nimitz-class warship played a big part in the rescue and relief operations in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) which ravaged the central islands of the Philippines in late […]

No, his name is NOT Jennifer. It’s Jeffrey

Sure. As Marrian Pio Roda Ching asserts in an Inquirer article, Jeffrey Laude’s “right” to be addressed by the alias “Jennifer” is all about his “right to identity and to self-determination” as stipulated in a certain body of work called the “Yogyakarta Principles” where Article 3 supposedly stipulates, that these assertions of “identity” constitute every […]

Jeffrey Laude was 7 years older than US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton, just 19 and a recent hi-school grad

Turns out United States Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton is just 19 years old and graduated High School only last year. In a report published by the American news site South Coast Today, Pemberton is described by his uncle as “a really good kid” while a neighbour called him “a friendly person” and […]