Day of infamy for the Lower House as impeachment prosecution team betrays the public trust

From non-newsworthy boring to the biggest explosive drama yet. That was today’s session in the on-going impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. And despite this and the last several sessions being the turn of the defense team to present their case to the tribunal, the drama still revolved around the already evident […]

Why greatness will continue to elude the Filipino people

So we want to be a “proud” people, do we? Well perhaps it is time we took the bull by its horns and ask ourselves: Proud of what exactly? You see, this is the 21st Century. Old notions of one race being superior to another or an entire people being anointed as blessed above the […]

Karen Jimeno: the classy face of Corona’s legal team

If the underlying strategy of those who are campaigning for the ouster of Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is the use of mainstream mass media to demonise him, they may be in for a worthy challenger from those who defend him. Lawyer Karen Jimeno who has taken the role of one of the […]