How The Mainstream Philippine Media Is Killing Our Cultural Identity And Imagination

It’s that time of the year again and while a lot of us are busy with preparing for Christmas, I’m busying myself with creating Halloween stories to tell for those who may want to listen. As I’ve said many times before, my year simply doesn’t feel complete without a period of fearful stories and mysterious […]

Cultures Themselves Don’t Respect Human Rights

Social media is all aflutter about perceived human rights violations that many are trying to link to the Duterte administration. However, such people should be reminded of another thing: human rights violations are an issue in other countries and cultures too, even developed ones. Back in 2014, writer Eric Posner wrote about why humanity has […]

Filipinos need to wean themselves off spoon-feeding

The trouble with being spoon-fed is that you are at the complete mercy of the person wielding the spoon. Babies who are spoon-fed are fortunate because, in most cases, it is a loving parent who holds the spoon. Filipinos aren’t that fortunate. Filipinos are renowned for their addiction to spoon-feeding. Rather than go out and […]

On Humility: Are Filipinos humble for the right reasons?

Humility. Pagpapakumbaba in Tagalog. Such a long word for something that is supposed to signify being “humble”. It has always baffled me the way majority of Pinoys seem to define the word “humility”. The more traditional definition of humility is learning to lower one’s self in society. It means putting others ahead of oneself even if one is […]