Thought leaders are at the top of the intellectual food chain, near the bottom are ‘investigative journalists’

The media and the partisans who presume to constitute the Philippine National “Debate” may have succeeded at dividing the Philippines into Dutertards and Yellowtards and, they presume, maintain a lively chatter that, they say, is the heart of a vibrant “democracy”. But whilst this chatter is generating a lot of noise, none of that noise […]

Party-List politicians seek audience with Anti-Squatter postergirl Bianca Gonzalez

One wonders what else Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon wants to discuss with Bianca Gonzalez in a “dialogue” he is reportedly seeking with the famous model-turned-TV-personality. I suppose the question to Ridon is quite simple: What part of Gonzalez’s tweet that “So many people working hard to save to buy a house on prime land […]

Social media circus acts: Filipino ‘New Media’ gone traditional

Just when we think “civil society” has gotten up to speed with regard to the concept of regarding politics and our politicians with a critical mind, we are still arrested by the familiar sight of the lemming-like behaviour of people who merely follow self-described “heroes” and dance to the tune of those who beat the […]

Malacañang spokesman Edwin Lacierda caught trolling on Twitter!

As social media “thought leader” Maria Ressa once extolled all who apply the wondrous technological phenomenon known as “social media”, just be yourself. Caught on record is Malacañang top spokesperson Edwin Lacierda (a.k.a. @dawende on Twitter) being himself in a Twitter exchange with a certain @ComplainerChua on the 3rd of March… * * * TheComplainer […]