World’s first Christian tablet PC now out!

A new touch-screen device that is supposedly “the world’s first Christian tablet” has been announced by, an online ministry that markets Christian products and services. Called the edifi, the device is equipped with a “Family Christian Reader”, offers “Safe Search Wi-Fi” web browsing, and retails for USD149.99 putting it in direct competition with new […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declares war on Apple

In his first public statement since Microsoft revealed plans to develop and market their “Surface” tablet computers, CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview with vowed that they are “not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple” referring to the software giant’s unprecedent push into a product develeopment approach of closely integrating hardware and […]

Motorola Xoom: still a question of Google Android vs Apple iOS

We haven’t even convincingly answered the question What does one use in iPad for? and yet the world is already exploding with a bevy of touch screen “tablet computers” that hope to grab a piece of this lucrative market. Notable among them is the Motorola Xoom. There are lots of reviews about the hardware and […]