On the lameness of the ‘apology’ of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

And we wonder why — no, we lament that — there is such an astounding culture of impunity in the Philippines. It is because for the trouble of acceding to an invitation to speak the truth before a panel of men in scarlet robes, private citizens cop ridicule from an institution we’ve for so long […]

President Noynoy Aquino: Is he the new Filipino god?

Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino wants to end 2011 right — or at least his handlers do. Just a few days before the end of the year, Malacañang’s official survey firm, Social Weather Stations (SWS), which is owned and operated by friends and family members of PNoy, concluded the year with another “very good” rating […]

PNoy: being president is about hard work and not about popularity

They say love hurts. Or at least being rejected does. Whether it is a lover or a friend – they say that being jilted is just like getting punched in the gut. Spare a thought for Philippine President Noynoy Aquino. PNoy and his team were left licking their wounds after their most recent approval rating […]