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Carlos Celdran tells China to kiss Filipino ass over Spratlys and Scarborough row

A friend of mine shared the following graphic apparently making the rounds on Facebook. It was posted on the Carlos Celdran page along with the caption “Love this map. Northwest Philippines. Haha. Kiss our 98 million asses, China. #China — with John Joey Ramos, Jason Alinsunurin, Jojo Garcia Dula, Michael Judd Rico and Emil Yap.” […]

It is not Noynoy Aquino’s fault that the Philippines is the worst place to do business in

The “shocking” news that the Philippines is actually one of the worst countries in Asia to do business in continues to reverberate among the chattering classes. Yes, personally I’m still getting over the “shock” of such a revelation. It made me re-think investing my personal fortune in a country where the only thing that I’d […]

The Americans are back in Subic Bay and Olongapo City!

In a report published on the, it was revealed that there have recently been some “high-level visits” by United States officials to meet with Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) and Olongapo officials. It seems that possible delays in a massive relocation of US military facilities from Okinawa in Japan to the US territory of […]