The fuzzy math of Rodrigo Duterte’s critics

Coming from a Mathematics intensive background, I always try to know as much as I can about, and contribute if possible, the local state of science education. Mathematics is a science too, you know. And mathematics and logic often go together. Back then in the lead up to the 2016 elections, I did call out […]

The mystery of why otherwise intelligent people support Leni Robredo

Why do smart people support vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo and proclaim her as “my VP”? Indeed, it is a mystery. Robredo’s only value-proposition to the Filipino voter is her being a widow and being an overall nice woman. Other than that, there seems to be no other basis to substantiate any conclusion that she […]

Bilang Pilipino SWS Mobile Survey an evil perversion of the science of Statistics!

I am a statistician. I am a graduate of the University of the Philippines School of Statistics. I do not approve of the methodology of the Bilang Pilipino SWS Mobile Survey. More importantly, I detest their use of Statistical methodologies to lend credence to their obviously flawed methodology. It obfuscates its lack of credibility by […]

The bullshit idea that ‘the next Steve Jobs’ will be emerging from a bunch of Syrian refugees

Will ‘the next Steve Jobs’ carry the DNA of a Syrian refugee? Maybe he will. Then again, maybe he won’t. Tossing a coin won’t really settle that question — because the outcome of a toin coss is a 50-50 proposition. The reality is that “the next Steve Jobs” descending from the DNA of a bunch […]

Are ‘survey’ firms SWS and Pulse Asia fighting dirty to save their credibility in time for the elections?

In times of election people work up an appetite for “statistics” on how the candidates they support are faring in what is essentially a popularity contest. The two dominant survey firms who meet this demand for numbers are SWS and Pulse Asia. The numbers collected in supposedly “scientifically” conducted “surveys” on which candidate is favoured […]

Philippine Economy blah-blah at the start of Year 2013

So the economy is in the limelight again. Hmmmm…. What to say about the Philippine economy… hmmmm. What makes talking about the economy easy is that one need just highlight the same things again — that the Philippine economy is nothing more than an illusion propped up by “commercial activity” brought about by the flow […]

Paving Noynoy’s Straight Path with Bent Statistics

Faced with growing outrage over President Aquino’s ham-fisted attempts to establish authoritarian rule and desperately needing some good news on the economic front, the Administration PR machinery was quick to herald the latest unemployment statistics as evidence that Peenoy’s agenda, whatever it is, is putting the country back on the daang matuwid. The unemployment rate […]