Bongbong Marcos wears personal shame for delayed justice for 44 massacred SAF officers

It is not often that we see politicians making statements in solidarity with the Philippine government overall (as opposed to solidarity limited along partisan lines at best). A tweet fielded by Senator Bongbong Marcos today demonstrates this sort of winning attitude… Pag tinatanong ako ng pamilya ng #SAF44 “Ano na ang nangyari sa hustisya na […]

Bongbong Marcos is the only Filipino REALLY qualified to talk about the future of Mindanao!

First of all, why do people who favour the passing of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in its current unconstitutional form see themselves as “peace advocates”? Does that imply that war is a certainty if the current draft BBL is not passed? What does that say about the Moro Islamic Liberation Front — that terrorist […]

Comparing Singapore and the Philippines? Why bother?

Any Filipino leader comparing oneself to Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew should just stop. And not just out of respect for the deceased. In 2010, a certain group of businessmen, the Anvil Business Club claimed current Philippine president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is like Lee in the sense that they are both incorruptible. That hasn’t turned […]

The Philippines is in dire need of a statesman

What Filipinos need is a leader who will unite the people, critics and supporters alike. What they need are politicians who are always thinking of the greater good for the greatest number of people. What they need in government are those who are not reluctant to admit that they are wrong. What they need in […]

The #BeastModePresident! The New Official National Cringe

In an attention grabbing stunt, the President Vowed Not to Smoke for a Day for the Papal Mass scheduled for today January 15, 2015. Not to say that such a sacrifice was not worth the PR it was intended for, I could not help but think that perhaps he thought the presence of The Vicar […]

Business 101: Stop wasting your breath BEGGING the ‘best and brightest’ to stay

Take stock of the current political landscape today and one stark reality jumps out of the picture: There is no one great leader who stands out as one who possesses a coherent enough strategic vision for the Philippines. Instead of true leaders and statesmen all we have is more of the usual bozos: politicians. Filipino […]

The Philippine National Debate: the cheerleaders among us as a cheerleader President leads us

There is a big difference between being a mere cheerleader and being a true leader. Cheerleaders are able to whip up emotional fervor and lure people into spectacular but short bursts of mindless emotionally-fueled stampedes. Real leaders, on the other hand are able to sustain commitment by providing a solid foundation of substance underlying the […]