Is Taglish the only language Leni Robredo can speak?

Can anyone actually imagine “vice president” Leni Robredo sitting in front of another head of state discussing serious matters of global consequence? It becomes even harder to imagine after watching her speak in yet another one of her pabebe tirades before her adoring minions in the media. Check out this video of her carrying on […]

Leni Robredo is not presidential enough to be Vice President of the Philippines

While other great nations land men on the moon, project naval power half way around the planet, and build research centres that churn out wondrous technologies that benefit mankind, Filipinos look to elect to higher office widows of “martyrs” who count “humility” as their primary qualification for office. It is quite baffling that Filipinos are […]

Bongbong Marcos was a class act in #PiliPinasDebates2016 Episode 2

It was a fine battle of brains and wit the likes of which had not been seen in Philippine politics for years! But it was not a battle amongst equals. As my colleague Ilda had earlier pointed out, vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos was a clear standout in last night’s vice presidents’ debate (dubbed #PiliPinasDebates2016) […]

A Duterte-Marcos Philippine government is in the horizon!

The standout theme of this year’s presidential elections is finally taking shape and crystallising before our eys. The vote is being shaped by a growing view that the status quo is no longer to be tolerated. The Yellow brand of the Aquino-Cojuangco-Roxas clans has long ago lost their “revolutionary” laban persona and have, over the […]

5 Big Reasons Why President Aquino Will Never Be Able To Vilify Senator Marcos

It certainly seems that President Aquino is really worried about Senator Bongbong Marcos’s ever growing popularity. Indeed, according to some, Senator Marcos’ vice presidency is assured this coming election. Now, truth be told, it’s quite obvious that President Aquino is still stuck in the past and still eyes the Marcoses warily, thinking them responsible for […]

Tips PNoy should observe during #APEC2015 to prevent embarrassment for Filipinos

It’s simple, really. Be considerate and observe good manners, Mister President. It’s stuff we all got taught in kindergarten. It’s time to revisit good ol’ Insulares breeding in times when we are hosting important guests. So here is the first and probably most important one: Less talk about your mother. I mean, come on, would […]

What To Look For In A Political Candidate

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am once again writing this article¬†because certain individuals have been asking me, rather repetitively, who am I going to vote for in the 2016 election and what they need to look for in a good candidate. Before I begin, I’d like to take the time to call out some of […]

Filipinos would rather be butthurt about the past than gung-ho about the future

The intellectual DNA of Philippine society is flawed at its most fundamental level. The trouble with the approach to thinking in the Philippines is, more often than not, this activity is retrospective rather than prospective in nature. The word BUTTHURT encapsulates that society-wide malaise. And the sixth and last State of the Nation Address (SONA) […]