Trump Win Highlights Failure of Bratty Conyo Idealism

A lot of my colleagues already mentioned that the vote for Donald Trump is more of a troll or contrarian vote. It is not a vote for something, but a vote against something. It is a vote that Trump supporters wielded against what they feel is unfair imposition on them by others, such as liberals. […]

What Marian Rivera’s fan base reveals about Philippine society

It suddenly occurred to me why Marian Rivera has so many frothing fans. It’s because she looks sosyal but sounds palengkera. The psychology there being that there is some sort of perverted appeal to seeing a person who looks like she comes from the colonial elite speaking the language of the masa. Yeah, I get […]

Boom times in the Philippines’ call center and OFW economy

According to Associated Press “reporter” Teresa Cerojano who wrote an AP article, the Philippines’ much hyped economic “boom” was credited by “many” to the “new vitality to the policies of President Benigno Aquino III, elected in 2010 on promises of eradicating graft and fighting poverty.” Perhaps. But the indicators of this growth cited by Cerojano […]

Why are Filipinos habitually and inherently impoverished?

Let us yet again (there is certainly no way we can do this enough) revisit my brilliant definition, of poverty: Poverty is a habitual entering into commitments one is inherently unable to honour. In embracing the above definition, we begin to see poverty for what it really is — not an ideological construct of emo […]