TIME Magazine is using Shibby de Guzman to influence Philippine politics

If you want more evidence Western mainstream media is deliberately manipulating politics in the Philippines, take a look at TIME magazine‚Äôs latest list of the most influential teens around the world. The international publication included 14-year old Filipina Shibby de Guzman in the list. It is not clear how the editors arrived at the conclusion […]

The TRUTH about St Scholastica kids being recruited into “activist” campaigns

Once again, young students of exclusive Catholic school St Scholastica’s College were seen and photographed gathering in a rally seemingly to protest the “dictatorship” of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. It raises again the question of whether or not it is right to be conscripting minors into “activist” campaigns. The particularly important question organisers of these […]

Awesome! Charice Pempengco’s mom is a lesbian too!

So now it turns out, Charice Pempengco’s mom is also a lesbian. Oh, sorry, was a lesbian. According to Raquel Pempengco “she, too, was once a lesbian but chose family over her own sexual desires after meeting the young star’s father.” And there’s more… “I’m the lesbian,” she told Bandila, according to a Huffington Post […]

Pugad Baboy lesbian jibe at St Scho prompts censorship by Inquirer management!

A Pugad Baboy strip that contained allusions to the purported lesbian scene in St Scholastica’s College, an exclusive all-girls-school in Manila, was pulled out of the Inquirer.net website. The “offending” strip which was published on an Inquirer.net page time-stamped the 4th June 2013 now displays a 404 Error message indicating that the page itself has […]