Skyway Stage 3 construction: Filipinos to ‘sacrifice’ yet again as Metro Manila braces for years of standstill traffic

True to form, Filipinos are abuzz again with half-assed ideas on how best to cope with the heavier-than-heavy traffic that will snarl Metro Manila as construction on the long-overdue “Skyway Stage 3” project which will link the South Luzon Tollway (SLT) to the North Luzon Expressway (NLE) via an elevated six-lane 15-kilometre elevated highway through […]

Were the ‘victims’ of the San Roque, Agham demolition legal residents or just a bunch of squatters?

Nowhere in the incident reports issued by commie publication Bulatlat did information surrounding the legality of the demolition victims’ residency in the area come up. The only piece of information remotely pertaining to some semblance of legal argument in the report was around a “notice of demolition” that supposedly expired several months ago. According to […]

The Philippines’ feudal politics: How ‘different political backgrounds’ proved fatal to Typhoon Haiyan’s victims

Accounts of how the Philippines’ renowned brand of feudal politics came into play in the virtual paralysis of relief efforts in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (a.k.a. Yolanda) are emerging. Tacloban City mayor Alfred Romualdez testifying before Congress reported how red tape and stonewalling from Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas […]

Super-typhoon Haiyan (code name Yolanda) set to plow through central Philippines

Super-typhoon Haiyan (Philippine code-named “Yolanda”) continues to barrel towards the Philippines threatening to wreak havoc across southern Luzon, the Visayas, and northern Mindanao as it plows through the Philippines… Haiyan is expected to reach central Philippines as a super typhoon by Friday noon local time, packing winds of 233-249 kilometres per hour, according to Michael […]

Is President Noynoy Aquino breaking his promise to ‘abolish’ pork?

Seems like a campaign is being mounted by Malacanang to backpedal on prior calls to “abolish” most forms of discretionary funds within the budget — such as Congressional pork barrel and “special funds” at the President’s disposal which many have described as Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III’s personal pork barrel. It has, indeed, […]

Ban on provincial buses on Metro Manila roads made commuting a living hell

They say nothing dies harder than a bad idea. That saying is nowhere truer than in the Philippines where bad ideas replace one bad idea after another. What’s worse is that the bad ideas often come from government agencies that affect millions of Filipinos and make their lives a living hell. No wonder international best […]

Three reasons why Filipinos are not as outraged by Jeane Lim Napoles’s lifestyle as they are by squatters

To be sure, alleged Anak ng Pork socialite Jeane Lim Napoles copped more fame (more like infamy, actually) than she had bargained for thanks to the ironic orgy of self-promotion she engaged in on social media over the last several years. Tough luck for the 23-year-old. Wrong place at the wrong time — kids do […]

Rule of Law cannot be implemented in the Philippines until Filipinos learn to follow simple guidelines

Upholding ‘rule of law’ in the Philippines is a complicated, labour-intensive exercise. Take the tony enclave of Rockwell in Makati City. It’s got expensive zebra-striped pedestrian lanes painted across most of where its nicely-paved streets intersect. These markings give the impression to someone who does not know of the way things are in the Philippines […]