Power, Pride, Typical Pinoys and What Results

In my previous article, I pointed out how pride and power doesn’t really mix that well with typical Pinoys. Now, in case you’re not convinced, I’m going to show you a few examples of just how this combination actually comes out: The Anti-Prophet The Anti-Prophet is the word I use to describe the people who, […]

Pinoys and Religion: Blind Faith Without Spirituality

Pope Francis has left the Philippines after his much welcome concern for the less fortunate citizens of our dear country. But while his presence and intervention on behalf of the victims of poverty and Typhoon Haiyan was something to be appreciated, a question hangs in the air: Where do we go from here? Yes, the […]

Why was a private jet needed by government officials during Pope Francis’s visit to the Philippines?

Following the accident involving a private jet carrying top-ranking Philippine government officials that skidded off a runway at Tacloban City airport, Filipinos are now asking what those officials were doing there to begin with. Heading the team reportedly tasked “to ensure that the activities of Pope Francis in that city and Palo town would go […]

What’s next for the Philippines following the visit of Pope Francis?

In my experience attending corporate training programs — specially those involving team dynamics and motivation approaches — I have always been impressed with the way the really good trainors are able to create a euphoric pumped-up vibe in the participants over the course of the session. The courses that are conducted away from the office […]

The promise of ‘eternal life’: Simplifying the unknown

While people seek comfort in religion for assurance that they simply wouldn’t blink out when they finally croak, religion for its part has dismally failed to deliver on its end of the deal and provide a convincing concept of eternal existence that the modern human mind could at least explore in the way that it […]

Spiritual guidance from Hollywood fare this Holy Week

Holy week does not have to be an excrutiating week spent on mind-dulling Catholic ritual and mindless beach partying. There is lots of home entertainment available that can contribute to enriching one’s spiritual framework far more efficiently and profoundly than the traditional listening to a bunch of men in robes or gyrating to loud throbbing […]

In the dark: Why we Filipinos love religion

When you think of the Philippines, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Have you ever given it much thought? Do you imagine white beaches, tranquil waters, and unique wildlife? Congratulations, you’re a tourist. Do you imagine chaos, poverty and corruption? If you did, you’re a realist. But if all you think about […]