Slex/Skyway E-Cards Out In June 2015

Skyway System Operator San Miguel Corporation Demonstrates Responsiveness to Social Media The E-Pass is an active RFID tag that allows motorists on SLEX to just zip through toll booths and have the toll fee deducted from the cash stored in the active RFID tag’s account. ┬áThis has been around for some time now and despite […]

Skyway Stage 3 construction: Filipinos to ‘sacrifice’ yet again as Metro Manila braces for years of standstill traffic

True to form, Filipinos are abuzz again with half-assed ideas on how best to cope with the heavier-than-heavy traffic that will snarl Metro Manila as construction on the long-overdue “Skyway Stage 3” project which will link the South Luzon Tollway (SLT) to the North Luzon Expressway (NLE) via an elevated six-lane 15-kilometre elevated highway through […]