3 Uncomfortable Similarities Between President Noynoy Aquino And Adolf Hitler

Okay, before I begin, I’d like to note that I’m writing this as a reaction to the way President Aquino and many of his allies in the LP seem to brand people they don’t like as “Nazis”. Indeed, when the president (and soon to be former president) went to Japan, he called the occupying Chinese forces in the […]

Will the US government allow Joseph Scott Pemberton to be imprisoned in the Philippines?

Seriously, if you were the US government, would you allow one of your boys to be imprisoned in a Third World rat hole? Take the average American schmoe. To develop each American into a productive citizen, Uncle Sam forks out more than $23,000 to fund his education through to high school. The average American therefore […]

The Filipino Reaction To The Tianjin Explosion: Another Sign Of Immaturity

I would like to ask for a moment of silence to pay respect for the 50 dead in the recent explosion that occurred in Tianjin, China and, if you’re the praying type, let’s offer a prayer for the quick recovery of the 701 who were injured in the blast… There. I’m sure that all of you […]

Jejomar Binay: Unworthy to be President

Jejomar Binay has criticized P-Noy for being dictatorial like Ferdinand Marcos in the context of the impeachment of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Renato Corona, whose appointment at the eleventh hour of then outgoing administration was highly questionable, by the former President, GMA, whose mandate was just as spurious (“Hello Garci”). The […]

The Filipino Obsession With Self-Destruction

Before I begin, I would like to apologize if my previous article, The Rape Of The Philippines: A Vicious Cycle, offended anyone. It was not my intention to trivialize rape nor create misleading ideas about it. I merely wanted to create a good metaphor for the kind of trouble the Philippines is in. Unfortunately, it seems […]

The Rape Of The Philippines: A Vicious Cycle

Before we begin, let me repost here a very intriguing question I found on the Get Real Philippines community page, all credit goes to Mr. Jakeson Lloyd Eudela and his sources: SCENARIO: A woman who was wearing just a sando and short shorts (w/out bra) was walking across a dark alley in the middle of night. […]

The Philippines’ “Me First” attitude results in a backward society

Ako Muna (“Me First!”) mentality. It’s one of those renowned Filipino character traits. You see it in the way Filipinos drive — how they find no issue in rudely squeezing into your lane; no thank you wave for inconvenience caused. When queuing for your turn at a McDonald’s you have to be vigilant, lest some […]

The new Gwei Lo: China’s preposterous ‘nine-dotted line’ South China Sea claim

Gwei (鬼) means “ghost”. A lo (佬) is a regular guy, a chap or a bloke.  The term is a reference to skin color, as white skin is associated with ghosts. The term is sometimes translated into English as foreign devil. The term arose in the 16th century when European sailors appeared in southern China as they were associated with barbarians. Historically, Chinese people had the […]