Filipinos welcome Australia’s Telstra like Jesus’s second coming!

I switched my entire household’s telecommunication needs to Telstra back in 2007. Today we enjoy about 300 GB of home internet data piped in by cable (not DSL) that is channeled to all our computing and home entertainment devices using a WiFI router provided as part of the package. We also have several mobile devices […]

Sponsored Text Messages Allegedly From GraceChiz Spreads (UPDATED)

Tim Tayag and a journalist friend on Facebook received what appears to be a sponsored text message from a telco service provider — the kind that usually alerts you to promos or gives you service notifications. Unlike text blast messages, sponsored text messages don’t display the cellphone number of the receiver. What you get with […] in bed with SMART in social media promo

What exactly is the mission of “social news network” organisation Is it to inform the public? Or is it to make news? I read about the most recent event it organised at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) campus, “the 7th leg of its “Social Media for Social Change Chat Series” today”, […]

Social Media and Big Telco emerge as Filipino heroes

In another one of its infomercial articles that it would like to pass off to the average sucker as a news “report”, ABS-CBN trumpeted another one of those dubious “achievements” Filipinos owe mainly to their enormous population — our undisputed place in the global scheme of things as the “social media capital of the world”. […]