One Year On: Why I Believe both SM and Save 182 have Failed Baguio City in 2012

It was around a year ago when I wrote a commentary on Get Real Philippines entitled “Baguio City: Ruined by Pinoy Mentality.” It was a timely article, considering the ramifications of various events happening in the City where I currently live in. One of the Philippines’ largest commercial and real-estate institutions had plans to construct […]

Protesting the destruction of trees by SM Baguio: a pointless exercise at best

So now we’re suddenly protesting the removal of a couple hundred trees from an area of land upon which an expansion of the SM Baguio mall will be built. I wonder, though: Why only now? Last I heard, the destruction of Baguio City had been going on for decades. Indeed, Filipinos have been destroying Baguio […]