Why the West holds license to comment on slavery in the Philippines

There has been an overwhelming and varied response to the late Alex Tizon’s moving piece on how his family enslaved Eudocia Tomas “Lola” Pulido for decades — even after moving to and settling in the United States. Most interesting of these responses is how some Filipino social media “influencers” are incensed with the way Americans […]

“My Family’s Slave” is a story familiar to a lot of Filipino families

The treatment of household help or katulong by Filipino families has been put under the international spotlight thanks to the essay “My Family’s Slave” written by the late Filipino-American award winning journalist Alex Tizon. His article was recently published by the American publication, The Atlantic two months after his death. Many readers were moved to […]

Americans need to come to terms with their new reality under President Donald Trump

The trouble with Liberals is that they are too open-minded. They are, they themselves insist, “pro-choice”. And this is why liberalism is incompatible with the human condition — becuase human beings suck at coping with an abundance of choice. This is where conservatism resonates — it offers a straight path (in the real sense of […]

Maid in the Philippines: Should Filipinos Abolish Brown Slavery?

In many countries in the developed world, families get by without any need of domestic helpers (katulong).  A typical family in the US or Japan will not have a stay-in maid doing the dishes, cooking, and laundry. And yet they are far more advanced, efficient and productive than Filipinos. Only in poverty-infested demographically skewed countries […]

Breaking the Culture of Slavery: The First Step in Saving the Philippines

I was once asked about what films have I seen that have had a definite impact or influence in my life. Without fail, I answered Stargate. No, not the series or several series that came after it, but the moderately successful film that set it off. The one that featured James Spader and Kurt Russell (the […]

The Qatar World Cup Is Already Deadly

Games people play, You take it or leave it Things that they say, Just don’t make it right If I’m tellin’ you the truth right now, do you believe it From the album Turn of A Friendly Card by The Alan Parsons Project     In my previous contribution to GRP, I wrote about the […]