Meeting the parents: #JusticeForKian no longer lies with Duterte’s critics

The problem with how president Rodrigo Duterte’s critics have approached opposition to the anti-drug campaign is that they assert a few things that they have yet to prove a definitive causal link to: a) that the killings are state-sanctioned, and; b) that Duterte himself has encouraged impunity. So when the death of the young Kian […]

Why ‘sincerity and competence’ is an either-or proposition to Filipinos

“Sincerity trumps competence.” This is an argument I was hoping not to hear anymore after the last presidential election in 2010, which Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino III won with 40% of the vote. Unfortunately, Senator Grace Poe – who is as yet rather coy about saying outright that she is running for the presidency in […]