Emerging presidential candidates for 2016: a reflection of Philippine intellectual bankruptcy

See, this is why I continue to assert that the Philippines is an intellectually-bankrupt society. Well into the second decade of the 21st Century, Filipinos continue to fail to step up to the challenge of injecting a bit of innovation in their politics. For all the hoo-ha about “empowering” effect of “social media”, activism has […]

Why I think Lourd de Veyra’s ‘open letter’ to Vic Sotto is pointless

Indeed, Lourd de Veyra “has a few things to say” to Vic Sotto. And he laid them all out in his open letter addressed to the star which was published on Spot.ph. My first impression about Lourd’s open letter was that it was a very thoughtful lament on the wasted opportunity in the huge influence […]

Korina Sanchez and how to avoid PR disasters during natural disasters like typhoon Yolanda

When it comes to advertising and product placements, Filipino politicians are the best. Advertising executives can actually learn a thing or two about how to optimise exposure of any product from them. The results speak for themselves. Politicians whose names and faces are printed on almost anything – billboards, noodle packets or candy bars get […]

The legend of Sharon Cuneta’s P10 million Kiko challenge!

Without a doubt, a lot of people would gladly do it for free. But ten million pesos to prove Senator Francisco “Kiko” Pangilinan stole from his pork barrel fund? It’s an offer that can hardly be refused. Across two tweets Pangilinan’s wife and Pinoy “megastar” Sharon Cuneta issued the following challenge sometime this week: If […]

KC Concepcion is not Piolo Pascual’s sunshine

Most women who are recovering from a bad break-up have to settle for a crying session with their close friends while drinking themselves silly a la Bridgett Jones. This can be followed by getting a new radical haircut a la Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Sliding Doors as if to symbolize a “new look” to […]