The Philippines: One Big Broken Promise to investors

Hardly surprising. Much of the “gains” in the Philippine economy scored by the administration’s media lackeys and spin doctors mainly on the basis of a prolonged bullish run by the share market is turning out to be no more than smoke-and-mirrors. A surging sharemarket in essence says nothing about the underlying substance of a national […]

Is Pinterest the first of a new breed of Facebook-killers?

I remember back when Facebook was still a nice site. By nice, then, I don’t mean it is unpleasant now. It was “nice” then because it didn’t mean to be anything else but a place for people to get togther. It was social in the purest sense of being social. People re-connected with old friends […]

Facebook share price continues to decline

As of the start of this week, Facebook is now trading at 29% below its IPO price. After being priced at $38 per share by its underwriters and floated in the market on the 18th May, the stock performed disappointingly on its first day, rising just a few cents before the market closed. It’s been […]