The Problem with “Awa” or Sympathy for Drug Users

This woman’s picture made the rounds with her rather questionable message, “I’am a drug user, will you kill me? #break the stigma.” Let me guess what she means: illegal drug use is should not be seen as a bad thing, and that it is being used as an excuse or false reason to kill someone. […]

Tough love will work better for Filipinos in the War on Drugs

In my last article, I presented an argument against the folly of subscribing to a silver bullet idea that promises to wipe out our country’s drug problem. There have been ideas floated that either or both decriminalization and legalization will solve the drug menace since these have been shown to work in featured western countries […]

Forcing a western style liberal approach in solving the Philippine drug menace may not work for us

The on-going war on drugs in the Philippines is a hot topic nowadays. Supporters of the country’s new President (Rodrigo Duterte) have hailed the energized efforts of the government to put a stop to this drug menace plaguing the country while detractors of the President have cried foul over the bloodbath that has resulted and […]