4 Things That Prove Filipinos Are Perverts

There has been much hullabaloo about the party celebration of MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, most of which is chronicled by my good friend ChinoF over here. I wrote a previous piece about the innate perversion of typical Pinoys in this article here but, like with my more scathing statements, was met with considerable skepticism. There […]

On The Perversion And Hypocrisy Of Filipinos

PERVERT! There, I had to say it. How did you feel? I’m sure there are those of you who probably got angry almost immediately. If that’s the case, then that at least means I have your attention. Anyway, this article is more or less a response to ChinoF’s latest article that showcases the blatant vulgarity […]

A Sunday Rant About Organized Religion

It’s a Sunday, I know. For many Christian denominations, Sunday is a day of rest. A day that should be spent with one’s family. However, with stuff that’s been happening as of late, I think I need to speak up again. Do take note that I do hold religious beliefs and would prefer to enjoy my Sunday […]

On Maria Ozawa and Philippine Sexuality

Well, the Maria Ozawa fever is starting to really rise what with the hype with her upcoming film with Filipino action star Robin Padilla which will be entitled Nilalang. Her rising popularity in the Philippines can be seen with the many parody articles involving both her and so-called “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino. While most […]

Can Porn Save Philippine Media?

After a considerable amount of thinking, I can’t help but speculate over how Pinoy media is essentially destroying the minds of our countrymen, especially those with no access to other channels asides from local ones. What’s difficult to accept is that while our media tries to keep a veneer of “wholesomeness” to their programming, I […]

Homophobia In The Philippines And Why It Persists To This Day

Homosexuality is probably one of the most polarizing topics of today. Just mention the subject in a given community and you’re likely to end up with two large groups with one being pro-gay all the way and the other openly demonizing the other as hateful sinners. If you’re lucky, you might get one or two […]

No, his name is NOT Jennifer. It’s Jeffrey

Sure. As Marrian Pio Roda Ching asserts in an Inquirer article, Jeffrey Laude’s “right” to be addressed by the alias “Jennifer” is all about his “right to identity and to self-determination” as stipulated in a certain body of work called the “Yogyakarta Principles” where Article 3 supposedly stipulates, that these assertions of “identity” constitute every […]

Jeffrey Laude was 7 years older than US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton, just 19 and a recent hi-school grad

Turns out United States Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton is just 19 years old and graduated High School only last year. In a report published by the American news site South Coast Today, Pemberton is described by his uncle as “a really good kid” while a neighbour called him “a friendly person” and […]