An Open Letter To PLDT

Dear PLDT, PLDT is without a doubt one of the biggest, if not the biggest, telecommunications company in the Philippines. Your service has helped connect families, business, and shape our nation.A lot of people know PLDT just as much as they know Jollibee, and like Jollibee, you have made a mark in Philippine culture. Your […]

Off Loading Tells You ‘We Don’t Care’

In the past twelve months, I flew to Laoag, Masbate, Legaspi, Kuala Lumpur, Zamboanga and Cagayan De Oro. My favorite carrier of choice then was Air Phil because of their low fares. Unfortunately, this changed when my pop-up display booths were off-loaded when I took an Air Phil flight to Zamboanga last December 2011. This […]

The Prevalent Case of a Crappy Internet

I always remember how disappointed I tend to be during the rainy season, when my Internet connection would go on and off at ten-minute intervals, and when my connection does shut down totally, how technicians arrive at three days minimum. Those are the good old days, and, considering that the wet season is just around […]