Do Filipino Bootleg Gundam Supporters display Pinoy Dysfunction?

In a recent brouhaha that may be a microcosm of Filipino culture, some Filipino gunpla hobbyists cried foul over the statement of Katsumi Kawaguchi, head of Bandai’s hobby department. Someone tagged Kawaguchi in a picture featuring a knock-off product on Facebook. So he gave a response where he asked to not be tagged anymore in […]

Sense of Entitlement: A core cause of Filipino Dysfunction?

Somehow, it does seem that the vaunted Sense of Entitlement may be one of the core causes of Filipino problems. Sense of entitlement can be defined as the belief that Filipinos should have what they want, even if there is no proof that they deserve it. Or as columnist Cito Beltran describes in his article, […]

Pinoys’ Poor Money Habits

I often say in my articles that Filipinos refuse to mend their ways. That includes not only their habits with Pinoy Pride, but also their habits with money. We attribute poverty in the country to many things. But for me, one of the obvious things that people tend to gloss over is that Filipinos tend […]