Putting The Cart Before The Horse: A Serious Pinoy Problem

When I read into history, I can’t help but notice that the Philippines has so little to show when it comes to leaving a mark on the world at large. I mean sure, we have people like Manny Pacquiao, Leah Salonga and quite a few other individuals who are of some worth on a global […]

Filipinos’ notion of ‘simple life’ makes them look like simple-minded simpletons

I couldn’t help but notice that after “happiness”and “hope” comes yet another catchword/phrase that Filipinos like to use when making excuses for their chronic poverty and lack of development. It’s called “simple life”. How do these buzzwords fit into things? Why don’t we try using a few examples to illustrate? Happiness: “Life is so hard; […]

Counter-intuitive solutions to fixing the Philippine economy

I remain convinced that America’s immense creative and commercial energy will shine through whatever social order is imposed on it; much the same way as the might of Chinese entrepeneurial and industrial ethic managed to thrive in the repressive communist regime of the mainland as well as in even most the dysfunctional and corrupt governments […]