The hollowness and hypocrisy with which Filipinos regard foreign entities

Fact is, the Philippines is tremendously dependent on foreign entities to prop itself up. Not only do Filipinos rely on importing foreign goods into the country, they have a constant need to seek validation from foreign entities that they have good qualities. Up to a certain point, Filipinos could be excused for saying that as […]

Is the solution to a socio-cultural problem a political one?

The socio-cultural problem, Filipinos need to be reminded, is comprised of the dysfunctions in Filipino culture that have kept them chained to a perpetual state of impoverishment. The political solution, Filipinos would like to think, is to merely focus on changing our leaders into those “different” from the corrupt bunch that currently infest government. Is […]

What is the right kind of Pinoy Pride?

A lot of people balked at my article “Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines.” They said, in effect, pride isn’t all that bad, and I’m cruel for saying it is! And if pride won’t save us, what will? I agree, there is a kind of pride that is good. But the most popular form […]