Why the CBCP is not a credible judge of who or what is “fake” or authentic

It is quite rich that the venerable Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) would so pompously issue a list of Websites Carrying False or Unverified Contents [sic]. This is coming from a clique of renowned Filipino “thought leaders” who endorse medieval ideas like creationism and, as a matter of policy, apply only circular logic […]

Aquino supporters are violating the human rights of the police and President Duterte himself!

When you are in the heat of a standoff with an intruder in your own house and you have a weapon within reach, which of your options would you err towards: (1) recognising the intruder’s “human rights”, or (2) recognising your own right to security within your own home? Hold that thought for a minute […]

Thinking beyond just “getting more young girls into STEM”

In the United States, at least, bridging the gender gap within sectors and industries is a big issue. Simply put, American society is currently concerned with getting more young girls and women to go into fields of study/interest that are perceived to be traditionally male-dominated. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field happens to […]

Media’s role in Philippine society undermines rather than strengthens the process of seeking truth

According to Chay Hofileña, Director of “citizen journalism” for “social news network” site Rappler.com journalists are “neither lawyers nor judges” and are, from the depths of their DNA she claims, hardwired to “look for patterns, inconsistencies and lies, and to point those out”. This, it seems, forms the kernel around which she launches into a […]