Blade Runner 2049 features the consummation of personal AI

Blade Runner 2049 got rave reviews then “bombed” on its opening weekend. So what? I enjoyed it. The same thing pretty much happened to the original one in 1982 which took the slow road to cult classic status. Both are multilayered and sublime films. Even back in 1982, back when the youth of the time […]

4 New Shocking Twists In Popular Fictional Characters

Note: Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading another spoof or joke article. This means that this is not true in any way (at least I hope not) and I only wrote it because I was both bored at the time and thought perhaps that everyone, both our contributors (which includes myself of course) and our readers […]

Hellstar Remina And Human Bastardry

As a storyteller of horror, I have often been asked what story has ever scared me the worst. To be honest, there are quite a few that have but one of the biggest ones, I have to say, is Hellstar Remina by Japanese horror comic artist Junji Ito. For those not in the know, Junji Ito is […]

Elysium: A Movie About Two Worlds

Philippine society, as we all know, is very divisive. Indeed, it’s mostly our divisiveness that’s making our country so dysfunctional in the first place. I mean sure, we all have our differences, but I have to ask: Do we really have to take our differences so far? Must we really get to the point where […]

Midnight Special’s grand ambition soars

Midnight Special is one of those rare, small films that go unnoticed by the general population when they arrive in cinemas. The type that do not scream like the latest summer blockbuster nor announcing its arrival via some advance press release the way some major-caliber art-house movies made by Oscar winners from the director, actors, […]

Episode VII: The Force Awakens will make Star Wars fans of even the uninitiated!

Rusty and dusty — it’s the overall look and feel of Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Fans of George Lucas’s epic Star Wars universe will have worked that out just on the basis of the trailers alone which have been coming out over the Net over the last 12 months. The film itself does not […]

Ant-Man rocks while distracting us from quantum science!

Uncontrolled shrinking into the infinitesimal cosmos as Scott Carey did in the 1957 sci-fi classic, The Incredible Shrinking Man — that is the concept Ant-Man owes a tip of the hat to in one of its final scenes when Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) plunges seemingly toward a similar fate after being left with […]

Mga Ideya Para Sa Mga Bagong Palabas Sa TV

Pasensya na naman po kung nagta-tagalog na naman ako. Meron na naman kasing nangungulit sa akin at nagtatanong kung ano ba talaga ang mga palabas na dapat itaguyod ng ating media. Tinatanong nila kung ano ang puwedeng maging alternatibo sa mga teleserye at mga noon-time show na meron ang Pilipinas. Matagal na akong nagbibigay ng […]