China’s threat of ‘counterstrike’ in West Philippine Sea: What’s next move for Ph Government?

After taking naval control over Scarborough Shoal, China is now ratcheting up its efforts to secure other disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea. According to China’s state media, a “counterstrike” will be launched against Philippine forces if the Philippine government does not stand down on its provocative activities in the area. The overseas edition […]

Modern Idolatry and the Social Media

Two days after April Fools’ Day and I am still reeling in from the bitter truth that we are living in the days of a perpetual practical joke, with the general public being its perennial victims. Where jokes usually end in laughter, the Filipinos are on apparent overdose. It is a subtle and addictive substance […]

THE SABAH ISSUE: The Betrayal to the Republic of the Philippines of Mr. Aquino

I concur with the statement of the Anonymous Philippines (February 28th) that President Aquino’s February 26, 2013 statement on Sabah Issue is problematic. In fact, I will even argue that the pronouncement of Mr. Aquino is unpatriotic and treasonous. Whatever little respect I have in him is completely gone the very moment I heard him […]

The world ended for many Filipinos in 2012

After taking a short break during the Christmas season, Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is reportedly back feeling “recharged”. It’s been a busy 2012 for the President and his allies, indeed. He has been sick quite a few times during the year and it was a sign that his health was not a hundred […]

China enshrines territorial claims over West Philippine Sea in newly-issued e-passport

Apparently Chinese nationals carrying newly-issued Chinese e-passports are now in violation of Philippine national sovereignty. Does this mean that Chinese citizens attempting to travel into Philippine territory using these documents are now banned until the violation is rectified? Perhaps affected Chinese nationals should now start thinking twice about proceeding with their travel plans. The “violation” […]

This Thanksgiving Day, let’s be thankful for Uncle Sam’s continued warm military embrace

To the compelling arguments for the welcoming back of American GIs back to the Philippine Islands, the usual suspects can only hark back to the “bad” old days of boom boom town Olongapo City for a counterargument. Never mind the simple truth that Filipinas flocking to GIs in droves merely highlights the dismal failure of […]

US military buildup continues in West Pacific as joint marine exercises kick off in Philippines

While both governments denied any link between their recent activities and the on-going dispute with China over territory in the West Philippine Sea, United States and Philippine military forces have started joint exercises in northern Luzon. The exercises which are expected to be conducted over ten days will reportedly focus on “disaster relief, humanitarian assistance […]

Filipino sentiments mixed over Manny Pangilinan’s threat to quit the Philippines

Following a threat from tycoon Manny Pangilinan to leave the Philippines and take with him his money, House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II has warned that the Philippines may be in for a crisis of confidence, presumably if this sort of thing becomes a trend… The House majority leader warned Pangilinan’s move would become “a […]