Filipino attitude towards money highlighted yet again

Recently, a renowned financial expert in the United States, Suze Orman, was in town for a series of talks about personal finance. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) brought her over as part of their financial wellness advocacy. Naturally, one of the things she focused, and expressed concerns about, is the Filipino attitude towards money. […]

In development terms Philippines is no Manny Pacquiao

In his latest article “Divergent paths“, columnist Cielito Habito shared some interesting statistics that provide breathtaking insight into the divergence of the fortunes of what were once the “virtual identical twins” that the Philippines and Thailand were back in 1970, that made the two countries the “estranged twins” that they are today. The divergence […]

Being cluey about foreign capital

One of the key aspects of the Constitutional Reform agenda revolves around the proposal to open the Philippines to full foreign ownership of business assets and private property. It is a worthwhile option to explore as it has been known for quite some time how inept Filipinos are with creating capital indigenously and at keeping […]