How the SJW Way becomes Extortion

Let’s discuss one basic reason why Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are hated. Let’s say an SJW wants some poor people to receive aid. Problem is, they don’t have money of their own… or don’t want to give it. They don’t want to do a collection drive or set up their own foundation either. They’ll look […]

Project Save 182 Adrift in Ennui After SM Baguio Revises Its Expansion Plan

The most recent word about SM Baguio City is that has revised its expansion plans and this will result in a lower number of pine trees affected.  Apparently, just like the way they harked to Olivier Ochanine’s petition to save the Philamlife Theatre, SM seems to be showing that it is listening to and responding […]

One Night at a Liberal Party Fundraiser: What Team P-Noy Can Learn from Baguio’s Local Liberals

Photo courtesy of I couldn’t help but smirk when I found out that Team P-Noy’s election rally was a dud here in Baguio last Sunday (17 March 2013). Melvin Jones field, with a capacity of 5,000 people, managed to gather less than 1,500 attendees, even under fair weather. Though their pet media outlets would […]

The Rise of Syndicated Environmental Advocacies

Nope, this won’t be another 2,000 word entry just about Saving Manila Bay or Saving Baguio Pine Trees, I think people have had enough of that for now. It’s a Saturday morning in the Philippines.  The sky is bright baby blue, the air is cool, birds are chirping in the yard, one of my house […]

One Year On: Why I Believe both SM and Save 182 have Failed Baguio City in 2012

It was around a year ago when I wrote a commentary on Get Real Philippines entitled “Baguio City: Ruined by Pinoy Mentality.” It was a timely article, considering the ramifications of various events happening in the City where I currently live in. One of the Philippines’ largest commercial and real-estate institutions had plans to construct […]

Court Dismisses Save 182’s Case Against SM Baguio

But Baguio Tree Huggers say “WE WUZ ROBBED! Judge was ‘bribed’” A typical and pervasive Filipino dysfunction is the unwillingness to accept defeat. Even in instances where the defeat is incontestable (such as Manny Pacquiao’s knock out), Filipinos will find a way to question the fact that they’ve lost. The usual and by now hopelessly cliched accusations will […]