Can social media ‘activism’ force Tito Sotto to apologise to Kerry Kennedy and Sarah Pope?

It seems to be becoming a showdown between the much-vaunted “power” of social media “activism” and the traditional institutional power of a Senator of the Republic. The most recent news report on the brouhaha over allegations of plagiarism being directed against Philippine Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III screamed “Netizens refuse to let Sotto off the […]

Tito Sotto’s plagiarism: Is it really that important in the scheme of things?

With regard to this whole circus over plagiarism allegedly perpetrated by Philippine Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, I have to ask the obvious question: Was anyone harmed? I frame that question with the level of unrelenting ferocity I observe with which people have been attacking Senator Sotto. Even as this issue is “debated” ad nauseum, […]