Proof of how hopeless Mar Roxas’s campaign and messaging team REALLY is!

Mar-tards just don’t get it. In their efforts to mount a last-ditch effort to shore up Mar Roxas’s stats (showing photos of him surrounded by hakot crowds in various stadiums and all that), they are showing just how disogranised they are and just how incoherent their messaging strategy is. In fact, the more they publish, […]

On Mar Roxas Comic: Don’t Hate The Artist; Hate The Employer

The comic depicting presidential candidate Mar Roxas in┬áSa Gitna ng Unos (In the Middle of a Storm) has made quite a stir in a lot of his detractors. Truth be told, it was hoped that the comic would draw more voters to the Liberal Party (LP) faction but has, in fact, drawn even more detractors […]