Remembering the Heroes of the Martial Law Era

“As of the twenty-third of this month, I signed Proclamation Number 1081 placing the entire Philippines under martial law” said President Ferdinand E. Marcos on that famous television broadcast 44 years ago today, September 23. Before the declaration of martial law, the country was in a state of upheaval. It was the middle of the […]

Trump and Duterte: The rise of hugely-popular demagogues in America and its Philippine colony

It is hardly surprising that demagogues have come to dominate national Americana politics on both sides of the globe. Funny enough, two such popular demagogues happen to be making waves on the East and West both in bastions of American values — in the United States itself where anti-immigrant Republican candidate Donald Trump is ruling […]

In Mother Philippines, the Joke Is On You

This article is dedicated to this latest article by Mike Portes and is an expansion on this article that few people ever really understood… Look guys, whether we like it or not, the Philippines is now in dire straits because of the choices of the generations that preceded us. We don’t want to blame them […]

Another Dialogue Between Mothers

Okay, here’s a sequel (of sorts) to my other article A Talk Between Mothers which is, in turn, inspired by the articles Minsan May Isang Puta and Putak Ng Anak Ng Puta by Mike Portes. Again, I would like to state that “Minsan May Isang Puta” and “Ang Putak Ng Anak Ng Puta” both belong to […]

A Talk Between Mothers

I have only recently read Mike Portes’ Minsan May Isang Puta and its sequel article Ang Putak Ng Anak Ng Puta and was thoroughly moved by their realistic takes on Filipino life and mentality. Mike Portes is certainly a master at what he does and I was quite impressed with the fact that his work was immediately […]

Cyber-attack on Sony Pictures changes the Internet business landscape

‘C’ is for “cyber”. Is World War C starting? It could be. A possible cyber-attack against North Korea may be in progress but the nature of the attack and who might be behind it remain shrouded in mystery at the moment. Various network infrastructure monitors have detected intermittent Internet access outages in North Korea over […]

Missile attack on Malaysian Airlines #MH17: Words fail

A news report on TV last night on the tragic Malaysian Airlines crash in the Ukraine last Thursday, the 17th July 2014 caught my attention. This was but one amidst the din of information pouring out of the tube and social media over the last week, but the reason this one stood out was because […]

The Philippines’ Han Solo moment: Why the Ayungin drama made Filipinos ‘proud’

It’s all so interesting to note. One moment, Filipinos would giddily cheer the successful resupply of Philippine military personnel camped in the derelict BRP Sierra Madre which was purposely run aground in Ayungin Shoal in 1999 to seal the Philippines’ territorial claim there. Then on another, they’d give each other high-fives over what is essentially […]