Next Pigs Will Fly: When Noynoy takes stock of his own agendas

Did the editors at the Philippine Daily Inquirer overdose on Dormicum? The normally so yellow publication that you can call it Chiquita shocked at least me that Rigoberto Tiglao called out BS Aquino for what he really he did and put it in perspective with a time line. In it, he describes various ambitions in […]

Prosecution conducting a trial by media against CJ Renato Corona

Why are some members of the prosecution team for the trial of the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice, Renato Corona still talking about the details of the case to the media? Aren’t they violating the court rules by doing so? Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the public, the Impeachment Court seems unable to stop […]

The Philippine National Debate: the cheerleaders among us as a cheerleader President leads us

There is a big difference between being a mere cheerleader and being a true leader. Cheerleaders are able to whip up emotional fervor and lure people into spectacular but short bursts of mindless emotionally-fueled stampedes. Real leaders, on the other hand are able to sustain commitment by providing a solid foundation of substance underlying the […]