Senator Cynthia Villar is correct: Eating too much rice is bad for the health

Philippine Senator Cynthia Villar drew some flak for suggesting that Filipinos limit their rice consumption. She thinks banning “unlimited rice” (or “unli-rice”) offerings in restaurants would be a good start. It was a preposterous idea, some say. “Who is she to tell us how much rice we eat?”, others asked in disgust. Then there were […]

The Aquino name is now synonymous with the word ‘massacre’ #BigasHindiBala

Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino’s term will now go down in history as the massacre years. If Aquino supporters can blame all atrocities committed by members of the military and police on the late former President Ferdinand Marcos during the Martial Law years, then it is only fair that Filipinos blame the atrocities committed by […]

The First World can’t help the Third World because they don’t understand Third World poverty

Q: What do the conflicts in the Middle East, pestilence in Africa, and chronic poverty in the Philippines have in common? A: The West’s insistence that it can “help” the Third World. How many more times will the West’s intervention in the Third World end in disaster? Many more times — because the First World […]

Biggest crooks in the Philippines are Presidents and Congressmen, not drug lords or terrorists

What is it about vigilantism that appeals so much to Filipinos? The thought of taking the law into one’s hands is a common Filipino fantasy. Philippine cinema reflects this as have many recent public explosions of uncontrolled often violent rage coming from ordinary Filipinos, many of which were captured in videos that went viral over […]