Population control? Education? Infrastructure? Let us get our priorities straight!

My previous article regarding the potential high cost of free college education has elicited interesting reactions from readers. Some readers have argued that free college, much like free contraceptives, is a good investment by the government that would lead to economic improvement in the Philippines. In support of the argument, some have blamed the high […]

The Folly of Saying Sex Is Mainly For Pleasure

Back when Benign0 posted his article that the main purpose of sex (as in, copulation) was reproduction and not pleasure, a lot of reactions came that tried to dispute this. Some said that pleasure is a function of humanity above animals, and that humans are entitled to pleasure. But that’s exactly what Benign0 was trying […]

The [Real] Religion

Simula nang umakyat sa langit si Hesukristo, nagkawatak watak na ang kanyang mga apostoles dala dala ang kanyang mga aral. Lumawak nang lumawak ang saklaw ng mga karunungang hatid ng mga alagad ni Kristo hanggang sa mapadpad ang isa sa kanyang mga apostoles sa Roma. Naging maimpluwensya ang pangalang Hesus. At hindi napigilan ang pagdami […]

Erap and Isko, Reviving Manila (Part Two)

The first part of “Erap and Isko, Reviving Manila” pierced the veil created by environmental and heritage conservation pseudo-activists, revealing that those behind efforts to oppose Manila Bay reclamation are actually people and organizations who are merely out to protect their businesses from competition. Property owners who lease out their land or buildings, for one, see […]

What Marian Rivera’s being the Philippines’ sexiest woman means

Another SMS voting contest, another so-called winner. So Marian Rivera is this year’s “sexiest” woman in the Philippines according to the results of a popularity contest organized by men’s magazine FHM. Congratulations, Ms Marian. I suppose one can be considered to be “sexy” when there is enough of yourself routinely publicly exposed for the highly […]

Should we junk the minimum wage law in the Philippines?

Workers unite! But then ask the question: Unite to do what exactly? That slogan has been around for more than two centuries now, and though many “activist” elements out there might want us to believe that their “fight” was what put iPhones in our hands, WiFI signals in our living rooms, and Hong Kong vacations […]

Risa Hontiveros: How can one be a communist and a Catholic at the same time?

Reading John Nery gush like a starstruck teenager about senatorial candidate Risa Hontiveros (Akbayan and the Liberal Party) in his recent Inquirer.net piece A Catholic vote for Risa, you could be forgiven for thinking Hontiveros is some sort of Filipino Mother Theresa. To Nery, Hontiveros is a “true child of Vatican II” and “most embodies […]

Global spin: Noynoy Aquino is in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the world

President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino has been included in TIME magazine’s 2013 list of 100 most influential people in the world. It is interesting to note that Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s Supreme Leader, the one who is threatening to annihilate the U.S., is also included in the list. The inclusion of Kim in the […]